You Aren’t Until You Are

You Aren’t Until You Are

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In this inaugural episode of Always Be Creating, co-hosts Jake Lipman and Maria Maloney talk about their artistic paths up to the present day, and how they’ve adapted as creative people in the time of COVID-19. While the pandemic has placed some limitations on how they express themselves, it has also led to new and surprising outlets.

For Maria, that’s meant taking various creative classes on Zoom, including filmmaking, which culminated with her making a short film, ‘Chicky.’ Meanwhile, Jake recently finished the first draft of a new play, ‘Little Faith,’ and she got her home podcasting set up in place to record this episode.

As they talk through their insecurities and frustrations with working on new things, they also realize the joy inherent to trying new artistic expressions.

Future episodes will feature interviews with other creative people, and how they’ve expanded their creative identity in the time of COVID-19.